The family, originally belonging to the Ghibelline and 'old nobility', stood at Genoa, from Lugano (or Locarno or from Lake Maggiore, according to various genealogists), from the twelfth century. By Philip, elder of the City in 1319, diverged, through the sons Gregorio, Giovanni, Cosmas, many branches, with recurring homonyms

1 Negrone di Negrone, a member of the Spinola Family lived in Locarno, Switzerland around 1090. 

2 Marquio di Negrone moved to Genova, Italy around 1131. In 1134 joined Visconti Family Albergho (ca 1100 -

3 Marchese Guglielmo di Negrone (ca 1130- post 1178) mentioned as Consul 1173 and 1178, 3 sons 

4 Marchese Ogerio Negrone (ca 1160 -), married Adelasia, 4 sons 

5 Marchese Ansaldo Negrone (1190-av.1238), married Sibila de Murta, 3 sons 

6 Marchese Giacomo Negrone (1220-ap-1264) married Mabilia de Stacciono, 3 sons.  Established the "Giacomo" Branch. Marchese Enrico Negrone
(1220 -av.1252), brother of Giacomo, married Giacoma, 5 children. Established the "Enrico" Branch.

7 Marchese Francesco Negrone 
(av. 1298-ap.1298), was Genoese Consul in Granada
Marchese Manuele Negrone
(ca 1252-ap.1271), 4 children

8 Pietro Negrone (ca 1280-) Marchese Nicolo Negrone, (ca 1280-ap.1306), married Caterina Boccanegra, 3 sons

Brigida Negrone, (ca 1310) married Bartolomeo Mangiavacche - mother of Violante Imperiale

Marchese Filippo Negrone, (ca 1310-ap.1368), married Caterina Grillo, 3 sons

Marchese Cosimo I Negrone (ca 1345 -ap.1374), married Teodora Vento, 2 sons Marchese Giovanni Negrone, (1350-ap.1396), married Libania Negrone, one son Gregorio Negrone (ca 1355- ) married
Leonina Pellegrini/ Violante Imperiale Mangiavecchi
8 sons
Marchese Cosimo II Negrone 
(ca1380-ap. 1443), married Bianca Negrone, 5 children
Marchese Agostino Negrone, (ca 1385-ap.1446), married Violante Cattaneo, 8 children
Constantino Negrone (ca 1390-) married Orietta Vivaldi
Marchese Simone II Negrone (ca.1415 -ap.1460), married Francesca de Fornari, 10 children Marchese Domenico I Negrone, (ca 1420-ap.1472), married Luchina Cicala, 3 children

 Matteo Negrone (ca 1425 - ) married Battina De Marini
Marchese Melchior Negrone (ca 1450 -ap.1513), married Francesca Vivaldi, one son Marchese Domenico II Negrone, (ca 1455-ap.1509), married Francesca di Carmandino, 6 children

 Teramo Negrone (ca 1480 - )married Jeanne De Rochelle
Marchese Simone III Negrone (1485-ap.1489), married Caterina Vivaldi, 7 children Domenico's oldest son, Francesco, went to Corsica in 1523
Marchese Francesco Negrone de San Colombano (ca 1490-ap.1541) married Princess Da Mare in 1523. Established the "Negrone de San Colombano" Family in Corsica. Battista
Francesca Negrone (1523-1582) married Jacob Bording, 9 children
Marchese Selvaggio Negrone (1520-?), married Caterina Grimaldi, 2 sons
Marchese Giacomo I Negrone de S.C., (1524-1592) married María Spinola & Laura, 4 daughters
Johanna Bording (1544-1584) married Lucas Bacmeister, 11 children
Marchese Bendinelli Negrone (1555-ap.1608), married Caterina Pinelli, five children
Marchesa Giorgetta N .de S.C., (ca 1560-ap.1643), married Marchese Gian Anton Navone, son
Margaretha Bacmeister (1568-1641) married Johannes Stolterfoht, 10 children
Marchese Gio Battista Negrone, 
(ca 1590 -ap.1682), married Placidia Gentile, 5 children

Marchese Giacomo II N. de S.C., (1605-1668), married Luigia Gentile, 7 children
Jacob Stolterfoht (1600-1668) married  Dorothea Kirchmann, 7 children
18 Bendinelli Negrone, 1627-1707 doge, married Caterina Lomellini
Marchese Ambrogio I Negrone, (1622-ca.1690/1704), married Laura Spinola, 9 children
Marchesa Camilla María N. de S.C. (1641-ap.1690), married Marchese Giuseppe Castagnola, one son
Anne Marie Stolterfoht, (1631-1689) married Gerhard Von Melle, 3 children
19 Domenico, 1672-1736 doge
Marchese Gio Antonio Negrone, (1667-ap.1726), married Anna Grimaldi, 5 children
Marchese Anton Francesco I N.deS.C., (1672-ap.1745), married María Centurione, 6 children
Dorothea Von Melle (1661-1723), married Gerhard Wilhelm Harder, 9 children
20 Marchese Giovanni Battista Negrone, Patrizio Genovese e Doge della Repubblica di Genova 1769-1771 (*1695, +1771) Marchese Ambrogio II Negrone, (1692-ap.1763), married Silvia Imperiale, 3 children
Marchese Pier Giovanni III N.de S.C., (1705-1758), married María Virginia Doria, 11 children
Ida Margrethe Harder (1695-1770), married Peter Bugislaff Carstens, 6 children
Marchese Francesco I Negrone (1751-ap.1816), married Caterina Spinola, 3 children
Marchese Paolo María Giovanni Giacomo N.de S.C. (1754-1828),. married Comtesa María Anna Mattei, 9 children
Hans Bugislaff Carstens (1727-1773) married Anne Charlotte Zoffmann, 7 children
Marchese Ambrogio III Negrone, (1781-1838), married Teresa Doria Lamba, 4 children
Pierre Jean IV Marquis de Negroni de San Colombano, (1793-1860), moved to Paris in 1852, married Marie Jeanne de Cardi, 7 children. Established the "de Negroni" Family in France. Antoine Francois "Antonio Francisco" Negroni Mattei (1794-1861) moved to Puerto Rico in 1822, married Rita Rodríguez, 6 children, married Magdalena Contreras, 3 daughters. Established the "Negroni" Family in Puerto Rico Peder Bugislaus Carstens (1773-1857) married Margretha Dorothea Tilemann, 9 children
Marchese Francesco II Negrone (1812-1885), married Maddalena Cattaneo della Volta, 3 children
Roch Pascal Marie Cyr Marquis de Negroni de San Colombano, (1823-1913), married Marie Berthelot, 2 children Juan Antonio Negroni Rodríguez "Don Toto", (1834-1886), married Francisca Lluberas, four children Peter Bugislaus Carstens (1810-1888) married Cecilie Andersen
Marchese Ambrogio IV Negrone, (1843-1907, married Anna Centurione, 4 children
Robert Pascal Pierre Louis Marquis de Negroni de San Colombano, (1868-1931), married Louise Emmery, 3 children Andrés Rutilio Negroni Lluberas "Billo", (1859-1928) married Dolores Rodríguez, six children Peter Bugislaus Carstens (1830-) married Anne Cathrine Frederikke Schultz
Marchese Vittorio Negrone, (1874-1949), married Teresa Cattaneo Adorno, 3 children
Pierre Jean Edouard Roch Louis Marquis de Negroni de San Colombano, (1906-1960), married Therese Patas d'Illiers, 4 children Rafael Antonio Negroni Rodríguez "Don Rafa", (1890-1950), married Antonia Bartolomei, 11 eleven children, and María Pacheco, 7 children Dorthea Kristine Carstens (1878-1963) married Nis Nissen 11 children
Marchese Ambrogio V Negrone (1906), married Carina Massone, 2 children
Francois Louise Hubert de Negroni (1944), married Dominique Peyre, one daughter Héctor Gaspar Negroni Bartolomei "Olaf Erickson" (1913-1996), married Juana de los Angeles "Angela " Becerra, two sons Lydia Catrine Nissen (1910-1997) married August Cornelius Petersen, 3 children
Marchese Vittorio II Negrone, (1932), married Roberta Mondadori, one son
Anne Wanda Paloma Dominique Therese "Flora" de Negroni (1977) Héctor Andrés Negroni Becerra (1938), married Joan Leah Blanco, two sons Paul Petersen (1935-2001), married Kirsten Sikjær Gorth, 4 children
Jos Bendinelli Negrone (1978).

Héctor Emilio Negroni Blanco (1966)Xavier Andrés Negroni Blanco (1969) Søren Groth Petersen (1961- )